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Meet the studio

Made near salt & sea

Just a few steps away from the beach in Scheveningen (NL), we create contemporary textile print designs with great attention to detail, trend and quality.

We are a dedicated boutique design studio who chooses quality over quantity. We have the know-how of the fast-paced fashion industry and do maintain a solid work-ethic (which means we always strive to work for the best possible result within the given time frame), but more importantly, we stay true to our own aesthetics and stay connected to our inner artist. We do follow trends, but are not limited by them. We are aware of the next commercial colour schemes that will enter stores, but pick the ones that makes our drawings stand out.

We work with fashion, interior and lifestyle brands to help them develop outstanding print collections that meets their commercial and artistic values. 

Meet the team

How it all started

The studio was founded by Tessa de Guytenaer in late 2018. Tessa graduated as a textile designer in 2007 from the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. After working in the fashion, home & sportswear industry for years as an in-house designer, she decided it was time to focus on what truly inspired her and create a more truthful life following her own design path and beliefs. 

Creating artworks that reflected her style and artistic vision, but weren't restricted by the end product. Having more freedom to go explore the world next to designing, doing that yoga teacher training that was on the list for a long time and spending more time in nature gave her more inspiration and energy than ever to create beautiful prints.

Saltbox Printhouse was born, to share the love for print & pattern with other

like-minded creatives, to collaborate with inspiring brands and designers, and to live a meaningful life following your true rhythm. Tessa runs the design studio, working with a small group of talented print designers. She lives with her partner and daughters Loïs and Isa near the beach in Scheveningen. 

Schermafbeelding 2022-09-14 om 14.46.31.png
Schermafbeelding 2023-05-10 om 16.45.46.png


“Working with Tessa is really fun and easy. She listens carefully to your needs, has a great eye for sophisticated design and will not stop 'till you are completely satisfied with the end result.”

- Magali Marino, O'Neill - 

“Discovering Saltbox Printhouse while on the hunt for print trends was the best. High quality prints in a unique style, with attention to detail and a wonderful use of colour.”

- Isabel Wharton, WGSN - 

“Working with Tessa was a great experience. Her creativity, ability to translate directions, combined with excellent communication and professionalism, makes the print developments run smooth and productive. I highly recommend working with Tessa. ”

- Esther Boskaljon, Hunkemöller - 

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